Welcome to the official website of Zhongxiang all-in-one machine. Guangzhou Zhongxiang specializes in the production of self-service terminal, self-service printer, self-service inquiry machine, self-service check-in machine, self-service check-in machine, consulting room screen all-in-one machine, touch all-in-one machine, conference doorway machine, doorplate screen and other equipment.

Since its establishment, Guangzhou Zhongxiang Information Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the service tenet of "fast and timely", the business philosophy of "pragmatic, professional and innovative" and the position of "independent, objective and fair", and its service characteristics are concentrated in each business process.

Sincerity: regardless of the size of customers, regardless of the position of candidates, we will serve customers equally and sincerely.。

Accuracy: employees of the company have experience in different types of enterprises, and can fully grasp the cultural characteristics of each enterprise and accurately understand customer expectations according to the requirements of different types of enterprises

Communication: "Satisfying customer needs" is the basis of our cooperation with customers throughout. In the service, we will communicate with customers in time on issues such as reality and ideal, market and demand, direction and goal of visit, speed of progress, unpredictable changes in conditions, and so on, so as to ensure our service quality.

Faith: abide by laws and regulations, and operate legally; Keep the contract and fulfill the promise

Perfection: Pursue perfect service process, leading work quality, product quality assurance, and fast after-sales service.

Service purpose
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